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Sugar Eggs

CHF 21.80 incl. VAT 2.5%

Sugar eggs, a fondant with kirsch and a base of dark chocolate.

Nostalgic Egg Box Mini

CHF 14.80 incl. VAT 2.5%

Hand painted Easter Egg with various seasonal Easter themes filled with 7 different chocolate eggs flavours.
Net weight 50 g / 2.8 oz

Marzipan Eggs

CHF 19.80 incl. VAT 2.5%

Marzipan Eggs in 3 different flavours. An amazing taste!

Orange, Lemon and Rasperry

Gianduja Egg

CHF 4.20 incl. VAT 2.5%

Gianduja Eggs in different colours, milk and dark chocolate.

Easter Nest Mini

CHF 15.80 incl. VAT 2.5%

A small easter nest with one chocolate bunny and chocolate eggs.

Easter Nest Medium

CHF 17.80 incl. VAT 2.5%

An Easter Nest with different eggs (chocolate, gianduja, nougat and sugar).

Easter Jelly Eggs 145 g

CHF 19.80 incl. VAT 2.5%

Finest Jelly Eggs made only with natural products decorted with sugar egg dots. 150 g / 5 oz

Easter Basket 150 g

CHF 0.00 incl. VAT 2.5%

A colourful basket for easter full of small eggs and bunnies. In different colours.

Chocolate Eggs

CHF 18.80CHF 32.00 incl. VAT 2.5%

Chocolate eggs in 7 different flavours

Dark, white and milk chocolate, milk chocolate with hazelnuts, dark chocolate with almonds, Truffes and Pralinés chocolate

Bunny Nr. 799

CHF 178.00 incl. VAT 2.5%

An bunny carrying colourful easter eggs, formed from an antique mould showing its intricate fur structure.

Bunny on Box from 270 g

CHF 56.00 incl. VAT 2.5%

Easter Greetings from our Bunny filled with lots of delectable chocolate specialties. Available in 2 sizes:

Box 2: 270g / 10 oz
Box 3: 450g / 16 oz

6 half Gianduja Eggs

CHF 17.80 incl. VAT 2.5%

Wonderful giant eggs made out of milk chocolate and filled with Gianduja. Blue color is with dark chocolate and dark Gianduja.