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Mrs. Pilgrim

CHF 14.80 incl. VAT 2.5%

Pilgrim filled with 2 Gianduja cubes.

Golf Ball Box 3 pcs.

CHF 23.20 incl. VAT 2.5%

Three golf balls (real size) filled with a praline filling and whole hazelnuts inside nicely prepacked in a golf ball box.

Halloween Ghost Caspar

CHF 10.80 incl. VAT 2.5%

You’ll find no tricks in our decorative Halloween boxes, just plenty of chocolate treats like our Halloween ghost Caspar. Boxes are available in a range of sizes. Our cast of characters will surely delight any Halloween party.Fancy ghost with 1 Champagne Truffle or 1 Praline.

Flower Box 2

CHF 17.80 incl. VAT 2.5%

Wonderful decorated flower box filled with 4 truffles or pralines. 56 g / 2 oz.