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Chocolate Bar 25 g / 1 oz

CHF 3.80 incl. VAT 2.5%

Teuscher offers a wide variety of assorted gourmet chocolate and specialty bars. The chocolate bars are made with pure cocoa butter – 100% natural!

Flavours: coffee chocolate, peppermint chocolate, lemon chocolate , white chocolate, orange chocolate, mandarin chocolate, milk chocolate, pralinés chocolate, lactose-free milk chocolate, dark chocolate (55% cocoa), chilli chocolate, pink pepper chocolate

Small Bunny with long ears

CHF 6.20 incl. VAT 2.5%

Our small and solid bunny made from only the finest chocolate. Available in milk, dark and white

Heart Box 30 g

CHF 14.80 incl. VAT 2.5%

A festive small box shaped as a heart filled with our homemade pralines.

Flower Box 2

CHF 17.80 incl. VAT 2.5%

Wonderful decorated flower box filled with 4 truffles or pralines. 56 g / 2 oz.