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Assorted Truffes 225 g / 8oz

CHF 35.10 incl. VAT 2.5%

Assorted Truffes, 16 pieces

Using only the finest and most natural ingredients, Teuscher has created an assortment of truffes with a variety of exciting flavors. Aside from our plain milk, dark and white truffes, more than a dozen of mouth watering selection are available. The Assorted Truffle Box offers the opportunity to taste a wide variety of our all-natural, meticulously hand-crafted truffles. Each confection is filled with the richest ganaches and the most exquisite flavors.

Assortments include: Champagne Truffes, Dark, Milk and White Cream Truffes,  Butter Crunch Truffes, Almond Truffes, Pistachio Truffes, Orange Truffes, Rasperry Truffes, Walnut Truffes, Cocoa Truffes, Lemon Truffes, Baileys Truffes, Caramel Truffes Fleur de Sel, Caramel Truffes, Jasmine Tea Truffes