teuscher Special
teuscher Special
teuscher Special

Mixed Truffles 9 pcs Flower Special

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Our house specialty, the famous Champagne Truffes, is a delicate blend of fresh cream, butter and chocolate with a champagne cream center surrounded by a dark chocolate ganache, enrobed in milk chocolate and dusted with confectioner’s sugar. Originally created by Adolf Teuscher, Sr. in 1947, it has always been copied but never equaled. 4 milk chocolate hearts in the box included.



A wonderful mixed truffles flower special box filled with our famous truffles. Using only the finest and most natural ingredients, teuscher has created an assortment of truffes with a variety of exciting flavors. Aside from our plain milk, dark and white truffes, more than a dozen of mouth watering selection are available: triple chocolate, extra butter, chopped walnuts, almond, fresh orange, raspberry, buttercrunch, caramel, kirsch, bailey’s and jasmine tea to name a few.

Additional information

Weight 126 g
Dimensions 130 × 130 × 35 mm
Alcohol content

contains alcohol

Shelf life

3 weeks


Champagne Truffes, Mixed Truffes